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Project Type

Indentity System

Project Duration

40 Days


The Challenge

The team of AB Photography, approached us intending to create a new visual identity for his business.

The project’s primary objectives were to develop a unique & memorable brand identity that could represent Ashish’s style and personality, attract new clients, and stand in the market. The identity needs to be modern, Clean, Passionate, creative & Attractive while still reflecting her passion for photography.

The Outcome

Based on the research and insights gathered, we created a set of design concepts that reflected Ashish’s personality, style, and target audience. They explored various visual elements such as typography, color, and imagery to create a unique and memorable identity.

After several rounds of revisions and feedback, the agency developed a final logo design for AB Photography. The logo featured a modern, elegant typeface with a custom-designed camera icon.

The Logo Is Born

The AB Photography logo features a modern, Clean sans-serif typeface with a custom-designed camera icon.

The camera icon is positioned to the left of the business name within a square box, providing a clear & compatible lockup for the logo.

AB Photography Logo Lockup
AB Photography Branding Collaterals